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5 mins

Best sites to get free games online

We’ve scoured the web and compiled a list of where to find the best free games by some of the biggest developers and digital storefronts.
Speech bubble with framed art.
4 mins

5 times art was used to avoid censorship

From classical music to sci-fi shows, art has used hidden codes and symbols to overcome censorship.
ExpressVPN and wolfSSL logos.
5 mins

Q&A with wolfSSL, the team behind Lightway’s cryptography

Find out more about the benefits of wolfSSL, what services and companies use it, and the future of cryptography.
Decaying pixelated speech bubble
3 mins

Not just a game: How Minecraft fights for digital freedom

One way Minecraft helps people access censored books and news is by stashing them in the game.
Adaptation of the Australian coat of arms, with crumbling planet.
2 mins

Australia’s ‘hacking’ bill lets police take over a person’s social media

Australia’s new surveillance bill lets police access devices, modify data, and take over social media accounts—all without judicial oversight.
Two email icons.
3 mins

5 times misuse of work email got someone fired

Using your work email for personal matters—or jokes that go too far—can backfire on you quickly.
Skull and crossbones comprised of a mouse and grenade.
5 mins

Is this attack a hack… or hacktivism?

We take a look at examples of hacktivism, well-known groups like Anonymous, and the pros and cons of hacktivism.
Envelope protected by a shield.
4 mins

How to stop spam with anonymous email forwarding

Anonymous email forwarders can help you avoid spam and keep your address private. We look at AnonAddy, SimpleLogin, and Apple's new Hide My Email.
Stopwatch with directional d-pad buttons.
3 mins

Input lag is a drag on gaming. Here’s how to fix...

Input lag is the delay between pressing a button and the resulting action in a game. Here are some tips for reducing input lag.
Marvel Cinematic Universe watching guide.
21 mins

Marvel Cinematic Universe: Get caught up with our guide

Confused about the Marvel movie timeline? Catch up with our MCU guide! Find out what to watch before Wandavision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki and What If...?

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