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We’re hiring in all departments, covering a wide range of roles. If you think you have something to offer, we want to hear from you.

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We’re looking for Software Engineers who can:

  • Include threat modeling early in the design phases of all projects

  • Perform regular penetration tests both with internal red-teams as well as external contractors

  • Design systems that…

    • are very difficult to hack

    • make it very easy to detect any hacking

    • ensure that the effect is minimal, even if hacking is successful

  • Automate all repeating tasks (especially testing), and write tests that function as documentation

  • Use efficient tools, and treat infrastructure as code

Marekting jobs icon.

We’re looking for Marketers and Content Professionals who can:

  • Build trust in our brand

  • Make difficult concepts easy for non-technical users to understand

  • Write and organize information clearly and concisely

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We’re looking for Designers and Product Managers who can:

  • Focus on the end user

  • Handle multiple projects and deadlines simultaneously

  • Stay up-to-date on the latest trends in UX for all platforms

  • Research and design for a wide variety of user personas and use-case scenarios

HR and Recruitment jobs image.

We're looking for HR and Talent Acquisition Professionals who can:

  • Drive our international growth by hiring brilliant people

  • Make the company culture even better

  • Deliver high-quality learning and development plans

  • Coach and support our managers to be great at leading their teams

We’re looking for Security Engineers, Threat Hunters/SOC Analysts, Pen Testers, and Red Teams who can:

  • Understand and investigate security events across Windows, Linux, Mac, and ChromeOS systems

  • Leverage automation to increase efficiency

  • Utilize threat models: Think like an adversary and test our security controls

  • Collaborate with developers and system owners to identify bugs and prevent them from reaching production

And IT Engineers, Workflow Automation Engineers, and Internal App Developers who can:

  • Operate in a forward-leaning non-Microsoft IT environment, where lean, agile, and automatic are principles they live by

  • Understand SaaS and architect IT services with no self-hosted infrastructure

  • Commit to enhancing IT Infrastructure with code and cutting-edge tools

  • Stay ahead of the curve with the latest technologies, and formulate creative solutions for a wide variety of problems